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Welcome friend. I'm glad you're here. 

I go by Brittani - Britt - or the three tiny 

humans I created call me Mom or Bruh. 

I am the owner and photographer of Sincerely B Photography, so I'll be the one behind the camera. I specialize in Newborn and Family sessions but I have been known to dabble in all categories of portrait sessions from time to time. I have a soft, filmy vibe with usually darker, grainy edits. I'd consider myself a pretty 'documentary' style shooter when it comes to posing and have been known to say 'beautiful and perfect' 1000x too many during sessions. 

October is a lifestyle, Warm autumn on the color wheel, big fan of tattoos, and avid Office fan.

Target is my second home, Caffeine is a daily staple, and yes my dog is named after the Goddess of the underworld. 

Welcome to the wonderful world I call my job, my happiness, and my own personal therapy.

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