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Welcome to the wonderful world I call my job,

my happiness, and my own personal therapy.

I am the owner and photographer of Sincerely B Photography, so I'll be the one behind the camera. I am also a single momma of three not so tiny humans that have made a chaos coordinator as well. I say 'perfect' and 'beautiful' after every pose, ramble on so much I can't actually talk, and I'm terrible with names. October is a lifestyle, I take forever to answer emails and texts, spend hours at the gym every day, and have no self control when it comes to romance books. Warm autumn on the color wheel, big fan of tattoos, and avid Office fan. I'm a hopeless romantic, big time procrastinator, and over shoot every session. Target is my second home, Caffeine is a daily staple, and yes my animals are named after Greek Goddesses. 

Now that you know a few things about me let's talk about my work! I am a documentary film style photographer. Grainy images, lots of light playing, all the snuggles, shooter over here. Awkward eye contact that brings out real life giggles and letting the littles be little. I have zero expectations when it comes to my sessions except making sure I capture your moments and emotions. I have taken many years to finally find my style and vibe and let's just say the work matches the photographer! 

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