Before you book there's a few things you should know. I pride myself on being a very documentary style photographer. BIG BIG BIG fan of connection. If you are looking for a quick stand-pose-smile photographer I'm not your girl. I do get those 'Christmas card images' but I'm looking for more! The more emotion I feel between you and your family the better. You need to feel every giggle, every tickle, and every romantic moment through the images. I want you guys to remember every awkward moment, and there will be, but I also want you guys to look back at your session and remember how easy it was to just love on your humans 



I edit with the light, natures colors, and a touch of filmy goodness. Your images will not always look the same with every season or even time of day. My studio work is the only time that I use a light. Mother Nature is my light so the session times I pick are based off the best way for me to give you beautiful images. I also shoot very grainy and Bold. I like dark, deep, warm colors. 

I am always growing as an artist, trying new things, playing with light and clouds, and editing slightly different. Sometimes things just work differently. I'm ultimately telling the story of you, so your session won't be the same as your friends session. Every person is not t he same, every newborn is not the same, every little is not the same. I have a hard time saying no, so guaranteed you throw a challenge at me, I'm gonna take it. I'm making it a point to say yes to traveling more so if you feel our vibes match and you live in Colorado, guess what? I have family in Colorado I'm coming out there. Don't hesitate to send me ideas that push my boundaries, we never grow if we don't step out of the box! 

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